Are you a solicitor, with a following, looking for a Fee Sharing or Consultancy opportunity?

We operate from a central London location and offer facilities for lawyers to work remotely from home, accessing case management systems through our terminal server.

Alternatively, rental office space is available, if preferred.

In return for the agreed profit share we will provide all the necessary infrastructure to allow you to generate a profitable income stream, and benefit from the established goodwill associated with use of the practice name.

Subject to minimum targets, your decision then becomes whether you wish to create a "lifestyle" business whereby you earn the funds needed to satisfy your income requirements or whether you wish to build a business that has additional value.

In it's simplest form, and subject to contract, we offer:

  • The option to rent additional space in our Central London offices or to work from home
  • High earning potential
  • Practice funded IT support and terminal server
  • Access to leading case management and operating software licences
  • Practice management compliance, to include COLP & COFA support
  • Practice funded banking, book-keeping and accounting services
  • Accounts held with and access to professional litigation websites and portals (AskMid, ELTO, Rapid Claims Process etc)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Receive up to 60% of your billings, with negotiable options for marketing rebates

What's more you'll be in a supportive environment where we recognise that the provision of legal services is changing and law firms need to attract fee sharers in a manner where each party benefits.

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