Civil Litigation Solicitors

Civil Litigation Solicitors

By its nature litigation is a contentious matter.

Our role is to understand your situation, the implications, your expectations and to identify if there's a way in which a resolution can be achieved without resorting to the courts.

Why would we take this common sense approach?

  • It saves our clients money.
  • It takes the gamble away from court action.
  • It can reduce the timeframes to a settlement.

In the event we've attempted to negotiate with the other side and the prospect of a negotiated settlement seems unlikely we will advise you accordingly.

At that point we'll provide a breakdown of the costs involved and, subject to your instructions, we'll proceed with litigation.

As specialist London litigation solicitors we can act through out the court system with the aim being to resolve matters to your satisfaction.

To discuss matters further please either call our litigation team on 020 3206 1134, email us via or complete the enquiry form on the right and we'll call you back.

We can advise in a wide range of contentious civil matters.

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Civil Litigation Solicitors

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