Immigration Law

Immigration Law


Immigration Solicitors play a pivotal role in assisting individuals and their family members gain permission to live, settle, work, invest, set up a business, perform, study, or visit family members in the UK, or any other country. Our London based specialist immigration lawyers know what it takes to make a successful UK visa application, even in the most complex of cases. Excellence in customer service is our absolute priority. We will always take the time to listen carefully to your requirements, and explain the range of options available to you. It is common for our clients to initially pursue a particular immigration route and to be delighted when we explain they have easier and more beneficial and cost-effective options available. Our team of qualified immigration Solicitors will always be understanding to your unique situation and responsive to your questions and concerns. Whether you are making an application for a visa, settlement, or citizenship, or you need assistance with an appeal, we are here to provide prompt and professional guidance.

Unfortunately immigrating to the UK is not simple. The law and requirements are complex and they are always changing. Even if English is your first language it is difficult to wade through the paperwork and legal requirements. Speak to our Immigration Solicitors.

Immigration Lawyers on your side

We have in depth knowledge of immigration law and plenty of experience in dealing with the Home Office, First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and higher courts.

Our vastly experienced Immigration Lawyers understand the minute details of the immigration rules for all of the visa and settlement routes available. This allows us to ensure that when your application is submitted, every aspect has been considered and that you have the best chance of receiving a positive decision in the fastest possible time. As a London based immigration firm, we truly understand that gaining timely immigration permission is important, not only for the applicant, but also their employer, and their family members. This is why our lawyers ensure that every item of proof is correct and included in your application to remove the possibility of any delay.

Our Immigration Solicitors have helped many clients:

  • Get visas to stay and work in the UK.
  • Become UK citizens.
  • Keep their freedom and avoid deportation.
  • Reunite their families.
Types of immigration cases we handle:
  • British Citizenship and Naturalisation.
  • Tier 1 Visa Applications. (general, highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors, graduates)
  • Tier 2 Visa Applications. (general, sponsored workers, sports persons, religious workers, intra-company transfers)
  • Tier 4 Visa Applications. (students)
  • Tier 5 Visa Applications. (temporary workers, government authorised exchange, international agreements, youth mobility, charity and religious workers, sponsored researchers, creative and sporting)
  • Sponsor Licences.
  • Spouse and Family Immigration. (fiancés and fiancées, husbands, wives, parents, children, brothers and sisters)
  • Business Immigration. (temporary work visas, sponsored employment immigration, and permanent residence for professionals and investors)
  • European Free Movement Applications. (EEA residence permits, EEA family permits, EEA permanent residence cards)
  • Appeals and Human Rights Claims.
  • Further Leave to Remain (FLR) and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).
  • UK Ancestry.
Practice Principles:

Philosophy – we are always transparent, honest, and reliable.

Expertise – our immigration solicitors have been helping people come to Britain for many years and have vast experience in the most complex of matters.

Knowledge - we make it our priority to keep up with the constant changes in immigration law and European Union legislation to best support and advice our clients.

Nature – every case is unique, our immigration solicitors will listen to your situation and guide you along the best path for you and your circumstances.

Diversity – you need to fully understand your situation and what you need to do. If we don’t speak your language, we will make sure we have someone on hand who can translate.

Flexibility – our fees are competitive, and we provide various payment options including fixed fees.

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